Tips for preventing Cyber Attack

No company or organisation is immune to Cyber Attack. While nobody can guarantee a 100% protection against any attack, you surely can take many steps to further tighten the security of your computers. Taking just few steps will ensure you are ready to defend any Cyber Attacks.

Today we will look in to some of the precautions you can take to ensure a better safety of your computer devices.

  • Backup!
    There is no alternative to backup. It takes little time and you can back up your data on a physical hard drive or dvd and keep it safe somewhere. Get a portable hard drive (cheap from ebay) and copy all your important data to that drive then put it away in a secure place. Repeat this backup to keep the hard drive updated on a regular basis.
  • Install a complete security software, not just Anti Virus.
    Install a good Anti Virus program that has a full Internet Security option. This will install a strong firewall on your system which will prevent attack. I personally use and recommend Avast. A state of the art, light weight yet one of the strong Anti Virus and Internet Security suite. Keep it updated. Whatever software you use, keep it updated regularly!
  • Keep your system up to date!
    A lot of us don’t bother updating our operating system. If you are using Windows, make sure you regularly install and update your PC by downloading and installing them as soon as they come out. These mostly contain security patch and other updates. On most cases, Windows update is automatically turned on by default but if not check it yourself. Also, a lot of us to this day try to hold on to previous versions of Windows such as Windows XP, Windows 7. Remember, updating to the newest version of Windows means you will be updated and protected against the most newest of security threats! Start using Windows 10!
  • Beware of clicking on any links in an email. This is phishing scam.
    We get a lot of emails these days. Some of them try to trick us in to clicking those links. You MUST NOT click on any email link unless you are 100% sure it is from where you think it is. For instance, sometimes you may get an email saying it’s from paypal and needs to verify your account. Although it may show it’s from Paypal, you can actually click on the name to see actual email address, in most cases you will realise it’s from some other account calling it Paypal. If you get an email about your account activity, separately go to their website and login to see. Do not do this by clicking the link in the email. A lot of junk email these days doesn’t get filtered because of their sophisticated techniques.
  • Be careful when installing software
    Do not install software from unknown publishers or with an unknown certificate. If it asks to make changes to your computer and you have the slightest doubt, do not install it.
  • Beware of fake websites and what you download
    Some websites can pretend to be something they are not. Look in your address bar and do not sign up to just any website. Make sure you know what you are doing. Do not download pirated software, they have been modified. Spend some money and get a legitimate one! The same goes for accepting files from strangers or individuals that you haven’t met in real life. Do not accept any file from someone over the internet who you hardly know!

If you have ensured the above, we are confident this will significantly increase your security protection to deal with any future Cyber Attacks.

hassle free migration

Guide to hassle free website migration

From time to time, we may need to change hosting provider. This can be a strenuous process and even worse if you don’t plan it. Today, we are going to look at some of the aspects of hosting and migration to a new server.

What is website migration?

A website migration is when you need to move your website to a new server or upload from your local installation to your hosting provider with the intent of making it live.

Sometimes,we may just need to change the nameservers and keep the domain where it was originally registered. So what is nameservers? Nameserver is a server that is responsible for dealing with queries regarding a domain name and all of it’s services. Nameservers are fundamental part of the DNS.

Where would i find it?

When you register a domain name your registrar automatically assigns default nameservers. Some registrars offer free holding page / email address forwarding etc. This is not meant to be standard hosting. If you are looking for find where to edit your nameservers, well, you are most likely to find it in your control panel / my account page.

Login to your control panel or my account that you have with your current company who registered your domain. You will find it in domain management option / DNS settings or nameservers.

What will happen when I change my nameservers?

Once you change your nameservers, every service attached to it will be affected. If you currently have hosting and a live website, please make sure to take a backup or consult your new hosting / web design company before you make this change as your website will be offline. Your email services will also be affected and you may loose all your emails.

Wait! It doesn’t have to be that strenuous!

Don’t worry. Most nameserver changes or change of hosting provider is hassle free if you plan it. The nameserver changes can take up to 24 hours. Below are some of the steps you should follow for a stress free migration of your website.

So let’s get back to website migration. How to do it safely? In the following few steps, we will discuss this with you.

  1. Backup, backup and backup!
    There is no alternative to taking website backup on a regular basis. Before you make any change, please take a full backup of your website using ftp and if you have a more advance website, make sure to take a backup of your database using PhpMyAdmin. If you are using a CMS system like Wordpress, there are other options using plugins.
  2. Do you use Outlook for your emails?
    If you use an email client like Microsoft Outlook then most likely all your emails are already downloaded to your email client and you will still have them. You will just need to change the settings to start receiving emails. If not, download it now and sync it to download all your emails to your computer.
  3. Start the process during night time.
    Do it at a time when most people are likely to be sleeping, meaning you are expected to have the lowest number of visitors. For instance, if you make the required changes / start the process during night time, hopefully the changes will be done be ready to attach hosting by next morning.
  4. Upload files to new server
    Once the hosting is ready, you may upload the files using FTP to your new server. Remember, most servers usually have a public html folder. You should upload all your files inside there. If this is not the case, consult your new host.
  5. Issues or errors
    One of the common error is the website still showing the default landing page specified by the host. Please ensure, you upload it to the correct folder and you have named your homepage as index.html or index.php. This is what server looks for. If you have capital letters, make it small. Also, you may wish to clear your browser cache or try a new browser. You can also hold the shift key and press refresh to reload everything.
I am going to buy xanax pills online for my brother. He caught a cold and hasn’t left the house for a week, maybe I’m sick too.
Sometimes, things doesn’t go according to plan. If you find it too difficult to migrate yourself or if you face any errors while doing it or after uploading, please get in touch with our web team. Whether you have a static business website or complex Wordpress / Woocommerce site, our technical department can take on the responsibility of migrating your website to new server and solve any issues.

Call us now on 0161 627 1857 or contact us now!

We were at the exclusive launch of £3m Vermilion Hall in Manchester

We were exclusively invited to the launch of the new £3m Vermilion Hall in Manchester. This is set to be Manchester's premier wedding and banqueting venue.

The owners are the Seamark PLC brothers and its Chief Executive Iqbal Ahmed MBE, one of the richest business men in the UK and recently named as the highest ranked Bangladeshi by the Sunday Times Rich list. He certainly kept his reputation as he open the Hall by cutting the red ribbon and telling his guests that the kitchen has been designed by the same people who did Buckingham Palace and he used the same people for the lighting and sound who did the Royal Albert Hall.

The venue is stunning and there are artefacts displayed which the business magnate Mr Iqbal has bought from his travels from all around the world.

where to buy alprazolam in Manchester?
Our business manager Ansar Ali and the co- founder Kabir Ahmed including Kashif Ashraf from Oldham Business Leadership Groung (OBLG) were personally invited and congratulated Mr Iqbal on his new venture.

Recent Google changes

Every year Google introduces many changes to their search algorithm. While most of them are minor, some of them are major changes which makes an impact on how search results are displayed to end users. To name, some of the major Google updates such as, Google Panda (released in 2011) stopped site with poor quality content from appearing on top results, Google Penguin (released in 2012), to catch spammers and those who buy links from various sources to improve SEO results and most importantly the Pigeon update (released in mid 2014) which promotes local listings, are some of the top changes that Google rolled out.

Today, I will discuss with you some of the most recent updates to search engine algorithm introduced by Google.

Google removed small site links from search listings (bug)

Small sitelinks often show up for high search volume queries, both branded and non-branded. You may not have noticed these — data suggests they are not commonly used by searchers. Recently, these site links stopped appearing in search results, which Google confirmed was a bug. The issue has reportedly been fixed as of early November.

Reduction in internal site links for branded searches

As of the most recent updates, Google will be showing less site links ( reduced from 6 to 4) for branded search results. This will increase CTR rates by as much as up to 300%.

Fake news to get priority over real content

Google's search algorithm has been significantly changed over the last year to increasingly reward search results based on how likely you are to click on them. As a result, fake news now often outranks accurate reports on websites with better and quality content. Which allegedly made an impact during recent US Election.

It is well known that Google includes user-behaviour based signals to evaluate its ranking mechanism. It has an obvious interest in whether users like its search results. Its ranking engineers look at live traffic frequently to experiment with different algorithms.

User Behaviour to have an impact

The unfortunate side effect is that user-behaviour signals also reward fake news. Previously, Google's ranking relied more heavily on how authoritative a page is, and how authoritative the incoming links to that page are. If a page at Cambridge University links to an article that is published by Oxford, Google would rank that information highly in its display of search results.

The Conclusion

Now, the ranking of a page can also be boosted by how often it's clicked makes an impact on search results in many ways. Such as, think about this: the hotter the subject, the better CTR (Click Through Rate) is! Now whether most of these information are real or fake, it keeps up with the latest trend sometimes ignoring other facts such as whether it is likely to be true or not.

Have you already got a website? Why not request a free site audit from dsgnuk! Our specialist web team will prepare a site report for you. Email us your site at

Web Design Manchester

Manchester is one of the biggest and major cities in the Northwest of England. With a rich industrial past,once referred to as a textile powerhouse, visitors can trace this history at the interactive Museum of Science & Industry. The revitalised Salford Quays dockyards now house the Daniel Libeskind-designed Imperial War Museum North and the Lowry cultural centre. From it's industrial past, Manchester has developed to be more of a vibrant city with enormous development in the technology area and hosts wide range of fast growing tech companies in the UK.

At dsgnuk web design manchester, we create not only a simple website, but an identity. From branding a logo to business cards and finally creating web site that works for your business. Whether you are looking for a corporate website or a more complex e-commerce based shopping cart system, we can assure you that dsgnuk is the leading specialist in designing website in Oldham, Manchester.

Our clients vary from small to large companies and organisations. We have delivered web and print services to some of the major names in the country. Ranging from TESCO to NHS! We have not only undertook projects from big names but have worked closely with local small businesses and young people in work and starting a business. We have helped them to grow. dsgnuk was selected as the finalist in Oldham Business Awards in Manchester for supporting young people.

We work closely with our clients. A one on one consultation with our head of web development is the first thing you will do if you are building a website. If you are planning to design a logo or business card, you will have a one on one consultation with our head designer to get you started on your project.

If you are anywhere in Manchester or Oldham, give us a call on 0161 627 1857 to get started or use our contact form


Choosing Effective Web Hosting

We all know choosing the right web hosting sometimes gives us a headache. So many packages and so many web hosts! Well, there are few hosting features you should always look for. Today, we are going to look in to some important facts and features that you should consider before buying your web hosting.

Some of the things you should look for.

  • What kind of website will you be building?
    It is very important to know what kind of website you will be building as choosing right kind of web hosting package may save you on the cost. For instance, if you are going for a basic website which is static in nature, you do not really need one of those unlimited hosting accounts.
  • Check on domain costing.
    As you will obviously be needing a domain name to which you will eventually attach your hosting to, look for a web hosting provider who also has low cost domain registration option. Although, there is a standard cost on average, some web hosting providers have special low cost domain registration offers.
  • Check on renewal fees.
    While some web hosting providers will offer you attractive price for the first year, some might charge you twice as much for the following year as you are most likely to renew with your current host. Therefore, always check on the renewal prices and terms.
  • Which hosting platform? Windows or Linux?
    Unless you need any specific Windows application or features to run on you hosting, you may go for Linux type hosting which is most popular. Most web servers in the world are based on Linux. Popular open source software and programming languages such as PHP & MySql are run on Linux hosting.
  • Check uptime, add ons and upgrade options
    While most hosting providers have good uptime guarantee, some hosting providers may not be so well. You must ensure your website is hosted and live 24/7. You may also want to check on hosting add on features that you may need in future. What about the package upgrade options? What if you need more space or more bandwidth? Think ahead and check that it's not costly to upgrade!
Finally, you can always refer to our expert web hosting opinions, just get in touch with our web department. You may also pop in to our office in Oldham, Manchester, if you live locally. All of our clients receive the best hosting package that is suitable for their website. Therefore, if you are an existing customer, you don't need to worry about these. We have already selected the best package and hosted it on our reliable server with 99.9% uptime guarantee! For an informal chat you may always give us a call on 0161 627 1857.


dsgnuk website

Importance of responsive website

Whether you are thinking of getting a landing page or a corporate website, it is important to ensure that your website is mobile and tablet optimised. We are a specialist web design agency in Oldham, Manchester providing website design services for over 10 years.

Getting a website shouldn't be a hectic task anymore. We look at your requirements, understand the functionality you need on your website and then deliver a finished product that will ensure that your customers find the right stuff at the right place.

With a team of award winning graphic designers in Oldham, Manchester, we can assure you of a quality website that will be content managed, meaning you will have the ability to take control of your website. Edit the information yourself instead of running after someone to simply change the contact details on your website.

All our website comes with CMS (Content Management System) that will enable you to log in to the backend and add, edit, remove pages or information yourself. We can give you a short training on how to do this. Our friendly staff have helped many customers like you.

We create design that will look fresh and modern. Remember, the first impression is the only impression your customers will have. It is vital that your customers aren't getting lost searching for information that they need.

If you are looking for a top notch e-commerce website to sell products online, we can definitely help you with that. Our highly experienced programmers can create you a shopping cart systems that will let you sell your products and services online. From setting up the shopping cart system to payment integration with Paypal, we can do it all for you!

Some of websites we do but is not limited to:

  • Brochure websites.
  • Landing Pages.
  • Corporate websites.
  • E-commerce websites.
  • Bespoke content management systems.
  • CRM based websites and systems

We are also specialist in:

  • Wordpress websites including custom theme and plugin development
  • Fix any website errors
  • Back up and maintain your websites for a small monthly fee
So what you waiting for? Call our customer service on 0161 627 1857 today for free no obligation quote or just to discuss your project. We are situated in Oldham, Greater Manchester.

For full contact details, please visit our contact page.

Cost effective printing in oldham

Finding the right printers could be daunting. We realise that. At dsgnuk, we see customers almost everyday who has been elsewhere looking for the right printers including online cheap printing service. While it may all seem quite cheap online, most of the customers wouldn’t understand the difference of paper thickness etc.

leaflet1It’s not always about cheap printing, while you may find printers with cheap cost, be sure to check few things such as:

  • Quality
    Quality is one of the important bits to look out for. Make sure you find a printer who cares about the quality printing they provide.
  • Value for money
    Will it be value for money? You need to look for better printing options such as sometimes printing higher quantity might actually cost you less!
  • Reliability
    Look for a reliable printer. Someone preferably local to you who has been long established in the business.
  • Turn around time
    While some printers will offer you attractive low cost prices, you will need to have a look at their turn around time. Sometimes, the most cheapest printing service will take longer to complete and you might end up missing a deadline for what it was supposed to be used.

leaflet2We specialise in all types of printing service. From printing your business cards to leaflets, brochures, restaurant menus, takeaway menus and we can even provide your everyday printing service in Oldham, Manchester.

Our team of award winning graphic designers can design the artwork for you or you can provide us the artwork and we will simply print it for you. We are a long established print media company based in Oldham, Manchester.

Some of our printing service include:

window graphicsinvitation cards a-boards roll up banners

menus leaflets flyers posters
posters letterheads comp slips business cards
order pads banners brochures invoice pads
signs window graphic stickers a-boards

Finding a cost effective printing service in Oldham, Manchester


Social Media For Business

In this ever changing world social media continues to be ever present in everyday life, from businesses looking to potential leads to customers complaining about your services/products. Social Media has developed significantly in recent years especially in the last 5 years where sites such as Instagram hit 500 million users and Facebook has over 1.5 billion users and if Facebook was a country it would be the most populated in the world even more populated then China! As of January 2016 there was over 2.3 billion active users on social media sites.
Social network sites are used worldwide which is one of the main reason they are such a good marketing tool for every business. You are effectively getting your company out there without having to spend a fortune.

Here at dsgnuk, the use of social media is an everyday recurrence, with a talking point or not-worthy article always arising in order to engage with our followers, this is one of the main benefits of using social media as you can easily communicate with followers developing trust and relationships with customers old and new.

So what are the main benefits of using social media?

  • More Opportunities to Convert - Every post you make on a social media platform gives you the chance for customers to convert. When you build a following, you’ll automatically have access to new customers, recent customers, and old customers, and you’ll be able to interact with all of them. Every blog post, image, video, or comment you share is a chance for someone to react/engage and every reaction could lead to a site visit, and eventually a conversion. The higher the engagement of your social posts, the more people are seeing and interacting with them.
  • It's Live - One other main benefit is that social media is live, by this we mean that everything you post/tweet whatever it may be is done in real time and can easily be communicated with like if you have a customer service complaint or a problem with a product you can quickly access any brand’s social media site and request some help or advice. This makes it easy for businesses to deliver quick and beneficial customer care.
  • Gain valuable customer insights - Social media generates a huge amount of data about your customers in real time. Every day there are roughly over 500 million Tweets, 4.5 billion Likes on Facebook, and 95 million photos and videos uploaded to Instagram. Behind these staggering stats is a wealth of information about your potential customers such as who they are, what they like, and how they feel about your brand.
  • Find out what your competitors are doing - With social media you can gain key information about your competitors. This kind of knowledge will allow you to make to stay ahead of them in this fast paced environment.
There are many other benefits of using social media for business, in todays world it is vital that your company has a strong online-presence in order to generate more traffic and boost your growth, here at dsgnuk we will look after any aspects of your online presence from websites to social media or even a mobile app, so if you want to grow your business then give our socil media team a call...

web design oldham

A lot of people these days use free website makers. While it may be tempting, what we should not forget is that quality matters over price. Think of this as an example, if your potential users go on to your website to discover that you as a professional company have gone on to one of those online web maker sites to create your website, what image would they portrait of you in their minds?

Definitely, I for one would instantly come to a conclusion that you are not willing to spend enough money to create a high quality website from professionals in this field, rather you have gone on to those free website to save on few extra quids.

Today, we will look at some of the negative impacts of doing your website on one of those free sites.

Third party branding and Advertisement

Your website will probably have a branding and advertisement unless you pay a premium price. Let's get this clear, why would anyone give you a free website when they have to pay the wages and hosting cost of their own? Obviously, their branding means they get to advertise their website to more people using your website.

Limited design and development

Your website will be limited in design. You would probably be limited to 8 out of 10 features unless you start paying for premium features.

Your content, data under third party control

You may be excited to have a website for only few quids but to be honest, one of the most important thing, "your data" will be on their website. Though you will have access to it, it will be subject to their control. Imagine one day waking up to see most of the terms and conditions have changed.

You will be paying more over time, you can't move one day and your data under their control!

You will be paying more over time

Now this is one of the most important aspect as to why people to go third party online website makers. They want to spend less! Well, while no matter how tempting it might be that you would only pay couple of quids a month, have you thought of the fact that for how long you will be paying that? Here comes the trick. Your website will only be live (without any branding) as long as you pay the monthly cost. You would probably end up paying it all your life!

What if you wanted to move someday?


Another cons of using these sites are that even if you wanted to move one day, with some, there is no way to do it and with others it's so much of a hassle that you wouldn't even go down that path. I have checked with one of leading online website maker that there is no way to export your data if you wanted to move your website someday. It's like having all the furniture in your house bolted to your house. Imagine this, one day you wanted to move but you couldn't bring all the furniture with you!

So what are you waiting for? We are one of the leading web design and development company in Oldham, Manchester with years of experience in the website design field. Why not meet us for a coffee to see if there was a better option for you?