Building Your Brand:

Throughout business you often hear the word ‘Brand’ being said and many business owners presume that they have a strong brand because they’re logo looks nice or they have a fancy website. But having a brand is a whole lot more than just the basics, without a strong company brand you simply won’t survive.  If we was to ask 5 random businesses what is your brand almost all of them would simply point to their logo, when it is a whole lot more, your brand is everything from your office to your staff, it does include your logo and that is a major impact in your brand.

BRAND – what is the first thing that pops into your head when this is said? I was recently at a training programme when this same question was asked and the answers were very similar, they were all major companies, Nike featuring the most (this too was my answer), and the reason for this is Nike have such a good brand and have built this overtime to a point where they’re company is associates with such a basic word.

4 Tips For Building Your Brand:

  1. Values – For this first tip it is all about YOU, only you the business owner truly knows what your companies values are and what they mean. Once you have established your values it is vital to stick to them (live by these) and provide them to your customers, If you say you have the best products, make sure you provide the best products; if you claim to deliver the best service, make sure your team is doing that. Living the brand is a huge part of becoming the brand, so be sure not to overlook this step.
  2. Unique – This tip is one of the most important, there is no use just being another business in the line. Don’t follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you. Be different, be innovative, take the risks and by doing so you will become a market leader.
  3. Be Consistent– Design – One of the worst things as a company you can do is lack any consistency. Think of every email you have from the ‘big boys’. You’ll see they’re always consistent and to a high standard. Leaflets being designed in Microsoft word are a no go.
  4. Build Loyalty– Now we know this is a lot harder than it sounds, especially with today’s customers becoming very price conscious. But if you already have a strong client base then target these, they are waiting for you to send them offers, promotions, or a simple hello. This is a tip that many businesses simply forget, they will often go racing in to find new customers allowing their existing base to slip away.

I hope these tips will help you evaluate and consider your brand and help you reach the next level. If you need any help or advice on building your brand, our expert team are on hand to help, feel free to give us a call or drop me a line