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A lot of people these days use free website makers. While it may be tempting, what we should not forget is that quality matters over price. Think of this as an example, if your potential users go on to your website to discover that you as a professional company have gone on to one of those online web maker sites to create your website, what image would they portrait of you in their minds?

Definitely, I for one would instantly come to a conclusion that you are not willing to spend enough money to create a high quality website from professionals in this field, rather you have gone on to those free website to save on few extra quids.

Today, we will look at some of the negative impacts of doing your website on one of those free sites.

Third party branding and Advertisement

Your website will probably have a branding and advertisement unless you pay a premium price. Let’s get this clear, why would anyone give you a free website when they have to pay the wages and hosting cost of their own? Obviously, their branding means they get to advertise their website to more people using your website.

Limited design and development

Your website will be limited in design. You would probably be limited to 8 out of 10 features unless you start paying for premium features.

Your content, data under third party control

You may be excited to have a website for only few quid’s but to be honest, one of the most important thing’s, “your data” will be on their website. Though you will have access to it, it will be subject to their control. Imagine one day waking up to see most of the terms and conditions have changed.

You will be paying more over time, you can’t move one day and your data under their control!

You will be paying more over time

Now this is one of the most important aspect as to why people to go third party online website makers. They want to spend less! Well, while no matter how tempting it might be that you would only pay couple of quid’s a month, have you thought of the fact that for how long you will be paying that? Here comes the trick. Your website will only be live (without any branding) as long as you pay the monthly cost. You would probably end up paying it all your life!

What if you wanted to move someday?


Another cons of using these sites are that even if you wanted to move one day, with some, there is no way to do it and with others it’s so much of a hassle that you wouldn’t even go down that path. I have checked with one of leading online website maker that there is no way to export your data if you wanted to move your website someday. It’s like having all the furniture in your house bolted to your house. Imagine this, one day you wanted to move but you couldn’t bring all the furniture with you!

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