On the campaign trail for December’s general election Labour has promised to provide free superfast broadband for every home and business across the country if elected. Labour plans to bring parts of BT into public ownership while establishing a British Broadband public service. The service is expected to boost 5G connectivity and end slow coverage around the country, with the service aimed to be delivered within a decade.

The rollout of the scheme would see areas with the worst broadband access receiving the new publicly owned broadband followed by towns and smaller cities and finally areas with ultrafast or superfast broadband currently in place gaining access to the publicly owned superfast broadband. The party has said that on average a person would save £30.30 a month, with funding coming from Labour’s Green Transformation fund and taxing corporations like Amazon, Facebook and Google.

Criticism of the free broadband promise has come from member of the opposition like Tory Secretary of the State for Digital Culture, Media and Sport Nicky Morgan calling the proposal a “fantasy plan” and that Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labour party, “will promise anything”. The prime minister Boris Johnson has also criticised the plan calling it a “crackpot scheme that would involve many, many tens of billions of taxpayers’ money nationalising a British business”.

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This free broadband would affect small businesses by ensuring that superfast broadband will be in place, meaning that work won’t be affected by patchy or slow coverage. It also means that there is no expense for broadband for companies, meaning that businesses have extra money to put back into their businesses. We are waiting to see what the Conservative will promise for small business in this campaign trail.