A case study of

Pro Med

Pro Med Case Study

The Concept 

Pro med is an online business with extensive experience in clinical and customer focus settings. They source and supply quality equipment on demand for start-up and established businesses. Pro Med supply quality clinical equipment for your business, they understand how important it is when dealing with clients and the need for a strong customer focused company. Pro Med is continuing to grow rapidly.

Pro Med approached DSGNUK regarding having an e-commerce website, where they are able to have a first connection point between themselves and the buyer, they’re custom ecommerce website enables buyers and select different items on a page.

The Plan

When Pro Med contacted Dsgnuk regarding a business proposal, they were inquiring about having an e-commerce website being created so they are able to ship and disperse products from their website to customers. They inclined they wanted a custom e-commerce website. We went on to create this custom website, which would allow customers to select products from different pages.

The company also wanted some business cards doing, which has a small sector of the products that they dispute, such as surgical instruments, cupping equipment, disinfectants, protective wear and more. They wanted them designed with a simple but eye-catching colour and to look attractive to customers. They wanted the theme more or less identical to the theme that their website was presented in. We also designed a logo for pro med that matched their brand’s identity perfectly.

The Website

We custom built and designed an e-commerce website for pro med which would enable customers to browse and shop online and be able to select a variety of items on different pages. The website we created for pro med was designed on WordPress we created it as an e-commerce website so Pro Med are able to buy and sell goods or services using the internet. We also set up their online payment system so they are able to receive payments via their customers securely and effetely. We also added some products onto the website where Pro Med will then be able to promote and sell their distributed products to their customers.

Print Materials

Creating a distinctive and memorable logo was important in order to make Pro Med stand out from their competitors when it came to print materials. By doing so, they are able to appeal to their target audience. The logo’s unique design is not only representative of the brand’s message, but makes it distinctive and recognisable.

Additionally, we designed some business cards for Pro Med. Though simple, the cards perfectly represent the brand’s identity. They were cost-effective and will attract and gain visibility for the brand, which in time will enable them to grow as a business.