Drive traffic to your website by achieving page 1 rankings in search engines for valuable keywords.

What actually is SEO? Most companies have heard of the web term ‘SEO’ , but do they really know what this is and what it does. SEO is effectively to drive traffic to your website by achieving page 1 rankings in search engines by using valuable keywords.

So why choose SEO? By choosing SEO you are marketing your business over the internet which can bring success and growth to your company, However to do this you need more than a fancy design and informative graphics – this just simply isn’t enough to survive in the online world. In order to bring the success and growth you need to take advantage of SEO services which will help maintain your website and optimise its search engine page rank, without a good page rank customers simply won’t see your site.

In this highly competitive market, hiring an SEO services company like dsgnuk has become a basic need for any business wanting to grow. This will help your website appear higher in search engine results when using specific searches which will help create more leads for your company

PPC is a vital part of any digital marketing your company will do, it is used to get traffic to your website not organically but will ensure results. You are effectively paying to be at the top of Google searches. Our marketing team consists of PPC experts who know this strategy inside out giving you bigger and better results.

How can we help you with Organic SEO?

Index Status

We will check to see if your site is properly submitted to all major search engines. If the relevant search engine has indexed your website and it's current status in search results.

Analyse Website & Competitors

We will thoroughly check your website. Analyse the information, keywords & content. We will also check to see your competitor to evaluate your  position.

Content Creation / Modification

We will check your website content in relation with your desired keyphrase and ranking. We will ensure your content reflects what search engines look for. Where needed, we will create or modify your existing content.

Keyword Research

We will perform a full keyword analysis and research. You will provide us with your desired keywords, we will analyse them and do our own research to see competition and your position.

Update Your Website

We will continuously monitor your search engine ranking, make adjustment where necessary and update your website. We will be sending you monthly reports of the activity and detailed reports on performance.

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