In today’s world we have a huge range of online media types in our hands to use. The way in which people use these types of media is different. A survey was recently done asking participants “Thinking about the five types of media, select the one that best fits each description below”

First of all, you can see that traditional media is the least annoying to use. This may be for many reasons such as its clear content & It is also seen as the best choice for keeping up to date with politics and political issues. The recent rise of “fake news” could also be involved as this type of news is often online/social.

Social Media makes up all the other attributes options in the survey. Most entertaining, one people couldn’t live without and the one people spend the most time with. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc fulfil almost all other general uses of the online media experience. These kinds of sites can now pretty much anything a user wants, you can now go onto Facebook and do some shopping whilst keeping in touch with friends & family. Twitter & Instagram allows you to follow your favourite celebs/idols in a way no other media would allow you to.

In summary social media is huge, I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that as pretty much everyone in the UK has used some form of social media, sometimes without even knowing (YouTube is classed a social media site). The power and influence social media have on todays world is beyond thinkable, who knows what the future holds but I can almost guarantee social media will hold a big influence on that.



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