Choosing Effective Web Hosting

We all know choosing the right web hosting sometimes gives us a headache. So many packages and so many web hosts! Well, there are few hosting features you should always look for. Today, we are going to look in to some important facts and features that you should consider before buying your web hosting.

Some of the things you should look for.

  • What kind of website will you be building?
    It is very important to know what kind of website you will be building as choosing right kind of web hosting package may save you on the cost. For instance, if you are going for a basic website which is static in nature, you do not really need one of those unlimited hosting accounts.
  • Check on domain costing.
    As you will obviously be needing a domain name to which you will eventually attach your hosting to, look for a web hosting provider who also has low cost domain registration option. Although, there is a standard cost on average, some web hosting providers have special low cost domain registration offers.
  • Check on renewal fees.
    While some web hosting providers will offer you attractive price for the first year, some might charge you twice as much for the following year as you are most likely to renew with your current host. Therefore, always check on the renewal prices and terms.
  • Which hosting platform? Windows or Linux?
    Unless you need any specific Windows application or features to run on you hosting, you may go for Linux type hosting which is most popular. Most web servers in the world are based on Linux. Popular open source software and programming languages such as PHP & MySql are run on Linux hosting.
  • Check uptime, add ons and upgrade options
    While most hosting providers have good uptime guarantee, some hosting providers may not be so well. You must ensure your website is hosted and live 24/7. You may also want to check on hosting add on features that you may need in future. What about the package upgrade options? What if you need more space or more bandwidth? Think ahead and check that it’s not costly to upgrade!
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