The internet has become the main source of information for people, without a website your company could be losing business simply because they don’t know about you. That’s why we are listing four reason as to why you need a website.

Reaching new customers

Having an online presence can help your business reach new customers that you wouldn’t be able to reach without it. Compared to paper-based advertisement a website can reach a wider geographical range, causing new customer to come to your business that may not be from your area.

The effect that an online presence has on a business is the ability for the business to always be open. A website is always live and can attract new customers away from regular business hours, meaning that potential customers can find and research into your business even when you aren’t available. Your company’s visibility also improves with a website. A survey found that 81% of people research businesses and services online before making their final purchase, without an online presence a business could lose clients to their competitors as they have no way of competing. Being more visible online means that potential clientele can see and compare your business, it also means that you can compare your business to your competitors and improve and/or strengthen on different areas.

Your businesses credibility increases

Looking online has become the common place for people to research a company or product, with a survey finding that 56% of people say that they don’t trust businesses without a website. A website is often the first impression for potential customers to see if your company is for them and if they can trust you.

Being in control of how your company is seen can benefit the company’s representation and help to make the business stand out among competitors. This could be through the use of informing the customers with basic information so they can get an understanding of what the company is about. As well as the use of testimonials, which can be tailored to only show positive reviews of the company, unlike the reviews that can be seen on social media platforms.

A website saves you time and money

The content that a website features can help a company save time answering company question. By having a frequently asked questions section on a website a company can free up the time that you spend answering emails and/or phone calls asking for basic information.

Design a website can seem difficult, however, by hiring web developers to design the website you can ensure that your website is professional looking and functions as needed. The expense of hiring web developers to design a website can be costly but the return on investment for websites is better compared with any other form of advertisement. This means that a website saves you more money in the long term when it’s compared with other advertisement like flyers, which need to be updated for a higher cost then updating text on a website.

You’re in control
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With a website you are in control of how your company is seen. Through a website you can change the online perception of your company, something that is more difficult to do on social media platforms that can be influenced from outside forces. Having a platform like a website means that a website can find their position in the market and attract your wanted target audience.

In closing having a website has never been easier or more beneficial for your company!

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