A case study of

Xana Med Tec

Xana Med Tec Case Study

The concept 

Xana med tec are a distributor specialising in single-use and reusable surgical ophthalmic and dental instruments, made from medical grade German stainless steel, and high-tech medical devices. They supply the healthcare market with innovative, non-contact device solutions. All of their products meet all requirements for use within the UK and globally.

Their manufactures are based across Europe and Asia. They are based in North Manchester. Xana med tec is a family-owned medical distributer company devoted to the advancement and of surgical instruments. They can provide Covid-19 PCR tests in Manchester.


The plan

When Xana Med Tec contacted DSGNUK regarding a website being created for them along with some business. They wanted their business cards to be a similar representation of their business and what they do as a company. They wanted a website which clearly promotes their non-contact devices to the healthcare market to further help them within their medical field. They wanted to show their targeted audience the pride they take in providing innovative solutions that help healthcare professionals deliver safe and efficient patient care.

Xana Med Tec also wanted an online booking system so they are able to book appointments for their customers, this will enable individuals to receive or book for a PCR test.


The outcome

The website

When it came to designing the website, we first off designed it on WordPress. They wanted the website to look professional and attractive and inviting to first time viewers. We made the website easy to navigate and provided all necessary information laid out for people who needed to learn about the website or its services/products.

We also done SEO services on the website to ensure when appointments are made all private information is kept secure. Our SEO services ensure that your website works effectively. SEO will ensure your online visibility and reach consumers as they’re actively searching for information. We ensured that your web pages had all their appropriate inbound and outbound links.

We also created an online booking system for Xana med tec so people are able to book their appointments through their website.

Print materials      

When it came to print materials, we designed some business cards for Xana Med Tec, they were simple and eye-catching which will draw in customers therefore more engagement for the website and overall business.